Fragrances imported from France
Perfume Lamp Fragrances
Red Currant
perfume lamp
An energizing and revitalizing scent...a wave of iodized freshness!
We have many fragrances, wicks, tops and displays. Fragrances are created
by a famous French perfumier and are mostly made of natural ingredients. All fragrances are bottled in the USA. View our products gallery for all our lamps, fragrances and accessories. Each lamp is unique!
Perfume Lamp
perfume lamp
perfume lamp
Vanilla 3601
Sevilla 3620
Havana 3622
An irresistible fragrance of vanilla beans
An exciting, delicious, fruity fragrance, enhauntily spicy
A flowery fragrance, lightly spicy on a base note warmy woody
perfume lamp
perfume lamp
perfume lamp
Sea Breeze 3611
Maharadjah 3621
Fiji Island 3628
A cheerful fragrance with full contracts, both fresh and ardent, all summer in a perfume
An entrancing and magnetic fragrance with irresistibly woody and spicy curves
An exotic fragrance, whirl of vanilla and tahitian flower, a midsummer night dream
Perfume Lamp
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